All Booked Up: My Name is Mary Sutter

For this installment of All Booked Up, Kathy suggests a feminist-themed work of historical fiction to Diana. Watch this video to find out what awaits you in the pages of My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira. Plus, learn why this is one recommendation Diana might not be taking Kathy up on.

Oliveira uses the Civil War as the setting for her story of a woman, named Mary, a midwife determined to be a surgeon despite being rejected to medical school. (Women during that time, it was thought, were best put to use in the home not in the ER.) As a critical need arises with wounded coming in from the front lines, Mary gets her chance in a military hospital in Washington, D.C. where she befriends two male physicians who support her professional aspirations.

Kathy describes this book as a real page turner. Judge for yourself. Check it out from the library. Request it here. We also own it in audiobook format.

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