YouReview: Skylar on Juniper Berry

A new feature for tweens at the Library is YouReview, a spot on our website where tweens can review and recommend books for other tweens. This time, it’s Skylar:


I decided to suggest a book for our Guys Read club, the Mustache Killers. It’s called Juniper Berry by M.P. Kozlowsky. I thought, “What better way to tell the guys how awesome it is than a book review?”

So, here it is.

In this fantastic book, eleven year old Juniper Berry is a child of two famous movie stars, and yet she is completely alone.

Her parents have almost completely neglected her, even forgetting to feed her. They used to be loving and caring, but lately they haven’t been themselves. Young Juniper is ready to find out why.

On a stormy night, she follows her parents outside to discover unbelievable things. Behind a scraggly tree is a threshold: an underworld owned by an amazing creature by the name of Skeksyl, who will give you anything you desire in exchange for one balloon.

Or, that’s what it seems. But looks can be deceiving, and this creature isn’t as wonderful as it seems at first. It’s about as far as you can get from heavenly.

The “greatness” this creature gives isn’t very great at all, as it slowly devours a very important thing inside of you. Juniper is forced to put her life on the line to save those lured into this death trap.

Jason Lamb

Jason is the tween librarian, a children's advocate, and a new Kansan. When he's not a librarian, he's a father to twin girls and a singleton dog.

  • Jeff Imparato

    Skylar has written an excellent review. It cogently delivers his opinion, while compelling the reader by teasing, rather than revealing, so that we desire to know the outcome.

    Great job!


  • Jean Marshall

    Well done, Skylar!