Using a trusted source for research

We hope you are getting settled in into your school routine. One way to maximize your overall educational experience  is to use digital resources in conjunction with your studies. Helping students to engage deeply, work collaboratively and think critically can be a challenge for students and teachers. Luckily, there are some amazing resources to help employ useful technology in your home and classroom. One resource for learning, research and discovery is Britannica Digital Library, which is a safe, comprehensive and reliable source of information and media.

At a time when “fake news” and unsourced information being shared online is damaging to education and our conversations as a culture, this service offers safe, curated information vetted by trusted expert editors. This fully searchable and interactive collection of authoritative references is available 24/7 from your devices, classrooms, campus, home, work, the library or anywhere else you have internet access.

There are three different areas in this online Britannica Library: Britannica Library Children, Britannica Library Young Adults and Britannica Library Reference Center for adults. After searching your topic, you have some great options on how to experience more information. There are the full contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica articles, images, audio and video files, quizzes, learning plans, journals and magazines, world atlases, how-to’s, and primary source documents. It offers tools to print, email, cite, save and even listen to the article read to you! It also includes the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in both English and Spanish with audio pronunciations.

Whether you need help with your homework, are curious about narwhals or need research for a business proposal, our Britannica Library brings trusted information in a rich and interactive learning environment wherever and whenever you need it.

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