Creature Feature: Frogsicle?

In Creature Feature for tweens Jackie Hurst, our Bookmobile Creaturist, spotlights cool animals.

Have you ever wondered how a tree frog survives this cold weather?

They actually freeze!

Yep, that’s right! Their bodies produces large amounts of glycerol, which is changed into glucose, and then sent to the frogs’ cells to stop ice crystals from forming. Sorta like antifreeze. If the crystals were able to form, their cells would actually blow up!

The rest of the fluids in the frog’s body freeze and its heartbeat and breathing stop! Can you say living dead? When the weather warms up, they thaw, and then eat lots of bugs. Cool, huh?

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Jason Lamb

Jason is the tween librarian, a children's advocate, and a new Kansan. When he's not a librarian, he's a father to twin girls and a singleton dog.