Creature Feature: Pangolin

In Creature Feature for tweens Jackie Hurst from Bookmobile spotlights interesting animals.

Have you ever wished you were indestructible and had built-in protection?

If so–who hasn’t–you would want the scales of the Pangolin, sometimes known as the scaly anteater.

The protective covering of this mammal acts not only as body armor but a weapon too! The scales are razor sharp so any predator trying to unroll it is likely to get hurt.

Unfortunately only superheroes are indestructible. Their armor doesn’t protect pangolins from people who destroy their habitat. An endangered species, pangolins are found in Africa and Southeast Asia.

The Pangolin doesn’t have any teeth but has a tongue that retrieves the bugs from termite mounds it finds with its good sense of smell.

Find out more about this amazing creature by reading Animals with Awesome Armor: Shells, Scales, and Exoskeletons by Susan K. Mitchell and Animal Superpowers by Christopher Hernandez. . Surprise your little brother or sister with Roly Poly Pangolin by Anna Dewdney.


Jason Lamb

Jason is the tween librarian, a children's advocate, and a new Kansan. When he's not a librarian, he's a father to twin girls and a singleton dog.