Saturday Will Be a Green Day at the Library

Come visit our Green Fair, being held at the library from 2:00 to 5:00 this Saturday, April 13.  We’ll have exhibits, booths, games, crafts and more to show everyone how to give GREEN a chance.

frog-new-granada_1765148cWhat does it mean to be GREEN?  It could mean the color of your skin, like Kermit the Frog.  It could mean that you don’t feel very well.  It could also mean that you are new at something, like riding a horse.  But my favorite green is when it means that you care about the earth and do things to help it.

GF RobotBeing GREEN means reusing or recycling things instead of throwing them out.  Maybe you have a table or a chair or some clothes that you are tired of and don’t want anymore.  Someone else might like to have them; they would be new and different to them.  Sometimes we collect plastic bottles, paper, glass jars and cans to recycle.  This means these materials can be made into new bottles, papers, jars and cans and filled up with new stuff.  At the Green Fair you can test how well you know what can be recycled and what can’t in our Recycling Games.  You can also make fantastic crafts with all kinds of things that usually get thrown out.

GF GardenBeing GREEN means planting trees, flowers and vegetables.  Plants are good for the air because they give off oxygen and that’s what we need to breathe.  Plants clean the air, in a way; they take in the bad air and give off good air.  You can get a lilac bush to plant at the Green Fair and visit the Master Gardeners booth to get some good ideas.

0416_0089Most of us buy our clothes and food at the store.  You probably know that eggs come from chickens and milk comes from cows, but did you know some yarns come from animals too?  At the Green Fair you can see a live alpaca and a demonstration of how its fur can be made into cloth.

We hope you’ll be there on Saturday and bring your family!

Donna Casey

I work in Circulation as a senior library associate. I love mysteries, traveling, gardens and libraries. My favorite authors are Agatha Christie, Patricia Cornwell and Harlan Coben, but I enjoy any well-plotted mystery.