Stand Against Racism Challenge

The Stand Against Racism Challenge from the YWCA Northeast Kansas creates a dedicated time and space to build more effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of race, power, privilege and leadership.

What is the Stand Against Racism Challenge?

You start by downloading the Stand Against Racism App or logging into the challenge website. Starting April 4, 2022 you’ll receive 21 days of impactful challenges. These challenges will include as reading articles, listening to podcasts and reflecting on personal experience. Each weekday a new piece of the challenge in unlocked. Activities like this help us discover how racial injustice and social injustice impact our community. They also help us connect and identify ways to dismantle racism and other forms of discrimination.

YWCA Northeast Kansas is on a mission to eliminate racism, said Regina Platt, Racial Justice and Advocacy Coordinator with the YWCA Northeast Kansas. “Through the Stand Against Racism Challenge, we aim to educate, empower, and equip participants to step into action. No one is at the same level in this process, but we can start right where we are to step forward towards change. I am looking forward to hearing the voices of our participants and watching how the gift of knowledge impacts Northeast Kansas.”

Getting started

Registration is open for the 2022 Stand Against Racism Challenge through the YWCA Northeast Kansas! We’ll all begin the challenge together on April 4, 2022. Bring an open heart and an open mind, ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

Reflect on your learning and discuss your experiences with other community participants in a facilitated circle conversation. We will meet on Zoom over the lunch hour, every Thursday in April. These discussions can be difficult and can bring up powerful emotions. However, your commitment to increasing your awareness will help you and help our community.

Explore and reflect

Here are questions to explore as you reflect on the reading, listening and learning from each week:

  • What is something you learned during this week’s challenge?
  • How are you viewing this topic differently now?
  • What actions have you taken based on the activities? What actions would you like to take?
  • What further resources (reading, research, tools, and/or strategies) do you need to takeaction?

Attend Stand Against Racism Facilitated Discussions with Lissa Staley from the library and Regina Platt from the YWCA Northeast Kansas noon-1pm on the following dates:

We’ll send Zoom links and reminders the day before the sessions to everyone registered. Email with any questions.

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