Free Books for Kids

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library sends an age-appropriate book each month to children birth to 5 years old at no cost to subscribing families.

Looking for a Fifi or a Fido

Whether your pet has fur, feathers or scales, check out our useful information for pet owners and people considering pet ownership.

Spring Curiosities

The April-May Library News helps you shake off winter and get outside with gardening tips, a vacation, a pet or a good book.

Stay Curious

Learn how sparking curiosity within people is what the library is all about.

Learning Together

Discover library learning circles that give you an opportunity to take a free online class with a group.

Book Fix: Curiosity

Review library staff recommendations for reads that will make you curious.

Conquer the Computer

Read how DigitalLearn can help anyone who is new to using a computer get started and get online.

Sparking Curiosity

Check out the Feb-March issue of Library News for highlights on upcoming happenings, and book, music and learning recommendations.