We Enlighten You

Committed to lifelong learning, the library offers free opportunities to continue your education with our help or on your own. One customer recently observed, “I learn something new every day because of the library.” Jillian Underwood, library customer, had her first encounter with a computer at the library. She was 7 years old. “I thought […]

We Grow With You

From borrowing books to attending programs with their children, families remember their positive experiences at the library. Melissa Powell remembers getting her library card at 8 years old. “We used to go to the library a lot when we were little. I remember my mom taking us to get our library card,” said Melissa. “I […]

We Provide an Enduring Value to the Community

These days people need the library more than ever. According to the 2010 United States Census there are 177, 934 people who live in Shawnee County. Of those, 94,579 have library cards. Every day we see more than 3,000 children and adults use and enjoy the library after school or after work hours. “I recently […]

We Pay Attention

Our stewardship is based on close attention to your priorities. The library and The Library Foundation react swiftly to emerging trends and economic challenges. A top priority for the library is to have activities for people of all ages. One example is the Edge, which is dedicated to teens where they can play video games, […]

Former Trustee Talks About His Vision of the Library

As a child, John Mendoza remembers looking at the variety of books offered in the bookmobile parked outside Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. To this day the bookmobile still can be found outside the church. Onsite services make it very convenient for parents and children to check out books. Years later, Mendoza joined the board […]