New! More Book Sales in 2018

Shop the Friends of the Library used book & media sales at the library quarterly this year! First sale is Jan 19-21.


Explore the recent cinematic explosion of Sherlock variations.

Mostly Fearless Women

Join several very different women on their quests to save families, themselves or the world. These books will keep you guessing.

Crime of the Century

Take a fresh look at an infamous cold case that has haunted the collective imagination for years.

Writing Resolutions

Read Librarian Lissa Staley’s writing resolutions for 2018 and her suggested resources if you have similar goals.

Onscreen Chameleons

Review this list of onscreen chameleons – actors who completely disappear into their characters and whose body of work is radically diverse.

Book Fix – Winter Tales

Review book, movie and music lists staff created to either distract you from the weather or help you embrace it.