Featured author: Romalyn Tilghman

Meet Tilghman at the library on Sept 11, from 7-8 pm. She’lll discuss libraries, arts movements and community involvement in creating cultural opportunities.

Author Candice Millard visits Topeka

Free tickets available for Candice Millard’s presentation at WU on Sept 12, at 7pm. Limit 2 tickets per household while supplies last.

New movies on the way

See new release movies (blockbusters & lesser known films) we recently ordered to keep you entertained.

Book Fix: Uncovering adventures

Your vacation may be over, but adventures are possible anytime. We’ve pulled together book recommendations to keep your reading on the move.

Quirky social commentary

Checkout new reads ranging from funny and quirky to more serious social commentary. These novels may make you look at others a little differently.