Book Fix – Winter Tales

Review book, movie and music lists staff created to either distract you from the weather or help you embrace it. 

Trials and tribulations

Peruse December new releases with family challenges, unexpected truths, community battles, tension between religious and secular, and struggles to protect nature.

10 Titles to Borrow or Buy

Try these reads with your library card, then buy signed copies for your collection or for holiday gifts at our Great Writers Right Here Author Fair, Dec 9.

Finding your next read

Explore NoveList Plus to discover books you want to read based on previous reads, pace or tone.

Bonding over books

Find out why book clubs are the best way to take your book-joy to the next level.

Image of woman's hands writing in notepad with laptop and coffee near

A year in reviews

Learn how reviewing others work can help you improve your own writing.

3 Albums: The far end of the bell curve

Discover some new tunage or get inspired to search out sounds you love as Kyle Moreland discusses his musical taste on the far end of the bell curve.