Art to Wear: a New Voice

Wearable Art is artwork crafted by hand to be worn or displayed on the body. Find out more!


Art2Wear is sculpture for the body

How would it feel to wear a work of art? Four artists create sculpture for the human body in the gallery’s newest exhibit.

Get Crafty – It’s Good for You!

Studies have shown that crafting has effects that are similar to meditation, and it can help folks who suffer from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

Roy G. Biv: Color Defined

The Sabatini Gallery is playing with color and we want you to get in on the fun.

topeka competition 32

Topeka Competition 32

Exciting new 3-D art and craft works are on display in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery.

Ofrendas de vida web graphic

Art offerings on show

Witness the rituals of Día de los Muertos through altar creations by local Latino artists, Oct. 9 – Nov. 15

Make-It Lab: Sky’s the limit

Anything is possible in The Make-It Lab and with the right tools at your finger tips, the sky really is the limit.