Robot Puppet

Beep Beep Boop … Calling all Robot Fans! It’s time to make a robot puppet. Supplies Copy of template Thin cardboard box like a cereal or cracker box Glue stick Scissors Hole punch Colored pencils, crayons or markers String, yarn or wire: 3 pieces 5 inches long and 1 piece 15 inches long 4 Paper […]

Folded Castle Book

Step 5 Unfold and open the paper. Now fold it in half. (Like in Step 1) Next cut on the lines and around the towers. If  you want, you can cut the tops of the doors so they open. Be careful not to cut the doors off!


Intro to Finger Knitting

Learn how to knit with just your hands and yarn. It’s a great use of extra energy.

Watercolor of a cup of coffee

Explore Watercolors

Follow Zan’s adventure in painting with watercolors and admire pieces from our collection.