YA Page to Screen Trivia


It’s that time again, friends! TRIVIIIIIIAAAAAA!  

Are you an annoyingly informative movie date? Do you frequently find yourself saying things like “That’s not how it happened in the books…” and “The book was so much better because…”? If so, then this is the trivia quiz for you!  

Challenge your friends with this Kahoot and impress them when you decimate them with your supreme knowledge. Or choose to preserve your friendships and team up to take on this Page to Screen Trivia challenge. Did we include a question on one of your favorites? 

Kahoot Page to Screen Trivia

Here is a list of a small sampling of some of the fantastic YA books that have been adapted for the screen. 

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What are your favorites? Should we do a Part 2 for this trivia quiz?

As the teen librarian, Angie organizes amazing events and online activities. She also reads a lot of YA and is eager to suggest a book you can't put down.