Write a Novel in November

Hey writers! For the month of November, we’re going to focus on NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This is a wonderful yearly program for adults and teens alike that encourages writers to lock away their inner editor and focus on ideas for the entire month. The goal is that, by the end of November, you will have written your first full-length novel!

In case you need some story prompts to get you started, here are a few ideas:


  1. You go to a party with your friends one Saturday night. You thought things might get a little wild, but you never expected this to happen. What happened?
  2. It is a dark and stormy night and you’re home alone while your parents work late. You hear a noise in your attic and decide to go check it out. What you find up there is beyond your wildest dreams and could change your life forever. What did you find?
  3. One day, you wake up floating in the middle of the ocean on your bed, but you fell asleep at home in Kansas last night. How did you get there?
  4. Every year, when the clock strikes midnight on November 30, something small (and very important) happens. What is it?


  1. Your main character is a world traveler who has been nearly everywhere. But there’s one last place they’ve never been able to go. Tell the story of why that is and how they manage to get there.
  2. Alaina has studied her entire life to become an astronaut and finally makes her dream come true. Her first mission: find a satellite in space that has mysteriously disappeared. What happens when they find something, or someone, they never expected?
  3. Billy has a crush on Madeline. He can’t stop thinking about her but is too scared to say anything. At the suggestion of his friend, Kevin, Billy writes out everything he’s wanted to tell her and keeps the letter in the back of his notebook. Kevin, deciding to help his friend, later steals the letter and gives it to Madeline. But now Madeline thinks Kevin wrote it! What will Billy do?
  4. A huge tech company just announced their newest technology: a brand-new device that has the power to change the world forever. But minutes after they make their announcement, they discover the device has been stolen. What happens next?

Hopefully this provides some interesting places to start, but also feel free to write about anything you want! After all, it’s your story. Make it as adventurous and unique as you like! To participate, visit the NaNoWriMo website to make your account and get started.

As always, if you want to share what you’ve written or would like some feedback on your work, please submit your stories (or works-in-progress) to teenwriters@tscpl.org. Happy writing!

Kody is a Youth Librarian who primarily works with teens. He is also a writer and photographer, and drank several cups of coffee while writing this post.