Teen writers: Think about who or what inspires you

Hey, writers! This week, we continue the theme of writing journal entries. But now I ask a different question: who or what inspires you?

As writers, we’re always pulling from many different sources of inspiration. This can include artists, authors, books, book Write a Journal Entry About What Inspires Youseries, movies, music and TV shows. If there’s somebody important who we value in our lives, they can be a big inspiration to us as well!

Though we may think of being inspired by other writers, anybody can cause us to look at things in a different way. This can affect our writing style and choices we make in our narratives. What’s more, some writers have included real-life people in their works simply because they had that much influence on them as people!


The more you know about your inspirations, the better you’ll be able to include these traits you love so much into your writing. Think of who or what inspires you. Why? What qualities in their personality or writing draws you to them? Are there any specific things they do that you admire, either as a writer or a person?

As with the last prompt this week focuses on writing journal entries. Because of this no feedback is necessary. However, if you’d like to share your favorite inspirations with us, we’d be more than happy to read them and respond! Just email them to teenwriters@TSCPL.org and we’ll geek out together. Happy writing!

Kody is a Youth Librarian at TSCPL who primarily works with teens. He enjoys music, writing, photography, and lots of coffee in his spare time. Don't hesitate to say hello!