Teen Tech Week 2013

Where would we be without technology? The Teen Advisory Board imagines how famous fictional stories would turn out if the characters had modern technology, with funny results in this video promoting Teen Tech Week.

March 10-16, 2013 is Teen Tech Week at the library! Teen Tech Week is a chance to showcase the outstanding technology TSCPL offers for free, like e-booksmusic downloads, video games to check out, Playaway audiobooks, databases and more. Check in at your library to use all of these resources.

We’re also celebrating Teen Tech Week with fun technology programs:

UntitledTechnology Through the Ages [12–18 years] Teen Tech Week gives you an opportunity to experience the old and the new of all things technological. You can play with examples of old technology like a transistor radio, cassette player, a typewriter, and more. Speculate as to why some inventions fail, predict what’s to come, and explore the fictional side of technology.
■ The Edge
Wed    Mar 13    3:30–4:30 pm

Electronic Inventions [12–18 years] Unlock your creativity and assemble electronic components from our kit to make your own awesome invention. You can also make an LED light throwie. This Teen Tech Week program lets you explore electronics and engineering.
■ The Edge
Thu    Mar 14    3:30–4:30 pm