Teen Art Club: Spooky Trees

Hey friends! It’s time for another edition of Teen Art Club. This week I’m showing you how to make one of my favorite crafts. Just in time for spooky season these spooky trees will add the Halloween flavor your space needs.

What you’ll need:

  • Pipe Cleaners – or something else malleable that will hold the shape
  • Black Crepe Paper – you can also use other types of paper to achieve your intended texture
  • Glue Stick – to attach the crepe paper to the pipe cleaners
  • Scissors – to trim pipe cleaners to the size you want

With this simple, seasonal craft you can transform your space into the dark forest of your dreams. You’ll begin by attaching smaller sections of pipe cleaner to a long one to create branches. Then you will completely cover the pipe cleaner tree with your black crepe paper. Once you’ve finished at least three sections (you can do more to make a bigger tree, but you’ll need a minimum of three) you will twist them together and fan out your branches to create the silhouette you need. The ends will be the roots that you can shape and mold to curl around shelves and ledges to give that fully spooky look.

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