Teen Art Club: Photo Collages

Hey friends! For this week’s installation of Teen Art Club we are making Photo Collages. The original idea was to compile memories of Summer 2020, but I honestly didn’t get up to much this summer and I’m betting some of you had a more relaxed summer as well. I chose to compile some of my favorite memories from summers past instead, with just a few nods to this summer.  

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:  

  1. Something to display your collage on, like scrapbook paper, poster or foam boards, construction paper or whatever suits your needs. (I used scrapbook paper) 
  2. Something to adhere your pictures to your collage like glue, tape or tacks. (I recommend tape as glue will give your collage the wave effect.) 
  3. Scissors to trim any pictures or additions.
  4. Pictures! You can choose a theme, go for whatever is at hand, or assemble a random kaleidoscope of memories to feature in your space. 
  5. Optional: Something, like construction paper, to caption your collage and give it attitude. Use stickers, cut out additional images from magazines, or hand draw embellishments to personalize your collage.

Here’s a video of me rambling and assembling some of my favorite summer memories! Share your completed collages with us, too. We’d love to see your art! 

Here’s a list of some books available for check out that can inspire your collages and other artistic endeavors with photos!

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Angie Reed

As the teen librarian, Angie organizes amazing events and online activities. She also reads a lot of YA and is eager to suggest a book you can't put down.