Teen Art Club: Herbal Sachets

Hey friends! We’re making herbal sachets. There are many benefits to herbal sachets, including giving your clothes a signature scent and freshening the smell of your car or closet, depending on how you choose to use them. They are simple to make and the ingredients can basically be whatever appeals to you. I used ingredients from my herb garden. If you don’t have an herb garden or ingredients on hand, take a walk and follow your nose to collect ingredients that have a scent that appeals to you.

Some commonly used fillings are herbs, flowers, citrus peels and wood chips. Generally, dried ingredients will offer a stronger scent. You can also use fresh ingredients that will produce a lighter scent but dry over time. Different combinations will have different benefits, aside from how they smell. Lavender is well known for its calming impact and a variety of herbs will deter pests such as flies, mosquitoes and moths.

For the sachet to insert your ingredients into, select something that will allow the scents to seep through the fabric. Cotton, hemp, linen or tea bag mesh are good options. You can also make your own by selecting fabric that will let your ingredients breathe and stitching it together and use twine or yarn to tie it shut.

For mine, I reused one of the multiple pouches I have saved from various jewelry purchases and subscription boxes. I filled them with lavender, basil and mint. Use your nose while filling your sachet to determine the ratio of your ingredients to achieve the scent you want. These make excellent gifts as well as being a fun and easy craft to freshen your space.

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What are your favorite scents?

Angie Reed

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