Teen Art Club: Create Fun & Funky Cards for Your Friends

I love to make my own friendship cards. I find special occasions to give my friends a sweet message. It is so much fun to put them into my friend’s lockers (some library staff have lockers) or slip them into their tote bags.

While it’s easy to send an e-card to your friends, it can seem a little impersonal. This Scrabble friendship card is super simple to make and will be sure to brighten someone’s day!


  • Paper
  • old book pages or pretty paper
  • glue
  • stickers
  • old Scrabble letter tiles

Think about you want your Scrabble letters to say. It could be “Love you,” “Best friends,” or whatever message you want to send. I decided on Bee Mine since I had some really cute bee stickers!

Next cut your matting paper the size you want. I did a 6×6 square and the old book page I cut smaller to fit into the mat. Then glue your book page to the mat.

Then glue your Scrabble letters wherever you want them. Be creative and play with your layout before you glue the letters down.

Lastly you need to stick down or glue your stickers. You can also use a marker and draw images on your card. Then give to your friend. You can write a personal message on the back and sign your name or let it be a surprise!

Check out this booklist to find lots and lots of ideas to make more cards. Some of these ideas are simple and some are complicated. Take a look and see what inspires your creativity!

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