Teen Art Club: Blackout Poetry

Hey friends! This week we are crafting some Blackout Poetry. I’m particularly fond of this project as it relies heavily on your creativity. 

It’s a simple craft that requires some form of print – a page from a recycled book or a clipped article from a newspaper or magazine. Then use something to blackout the text you choose not to use in your poem or frame or highlight the words you choose to use. You can also come up with other creative ways to display your poem. You’re limited to the words on the page you choose, which can free you to create poems or stanzas you might otherwise never create.  

I happen to be a chronic doodler, which means I’m particularly fond of including drawings or doodles to enhance the theme of my poem. Sometimes, as in the case of one of my examples, I wasn’t necessarily fond of my ‘poem’ but I adored my doodle (an approved sketch of my cat- watch the video to see her checking out her portrait!) and therefore I declared the whole thing a success. 

We would love to see what you come up with! Show us your poetry! 

Check out these books to find some poetic inspiration and combine techniques to create a supreme piece of art! 

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Angie Reed

As the teen librarian, Angie organizes amazing events and online activities. She also reads a lot of YA and is eager to suggest a book you can't put down.