Sustainable Gardening Starts Small

egg carton plantsIf, like me, you’ve found your inner plant deity emerging in our social isolation, you might be interested in sustainable gardening. It can be a little overwhelming to get started, but there is a ton of literature on the subject at the library. 

Start by determining what you want to grow and what space you have for your garden. Then challenge yourself to learn about what your chosen plant needs to grow. Whether you have space for a traditional garden or are limited to a balcony or windowsill, there are options for a functional and sustainable garden. Dip your toes into sustainable gardening with us as we plant bell pepper seeds in egg cartons to grow in a windowsill. 

Here’s what you’ll need for this simple project: an egg carton (sans the eggs), soil and seeds – that’s it! 

Commandeer an egg carton and poke drainage holes in the base of each section. Procure a seeded vegetable from your kitchen (I used a bell pepper) and harvest a few viable seeds. Fill the egg carton with damp soil, insert one or two seeds per section and loosely cover them with soil. That’s it! Now all you need is a sunny spot to set your egg carton garden.  

*I highly recommend, due to personal experience, considering local predators (AKA: bored house cats) when choosing a windowsill. 

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