Fairytale Romance Takes You Far Far Away

Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

Are you as sick of series as I am?  Tired of having to wait 6 months or a year for the next book?  Are you looking for a stand-alone fantasy where fairytales come to life and romance waits in the wings?  Look no more!  Far Far Away by Tom McNeal could be just your cup of pomegranate juice.

With a vanished mom, a dad who rarely leaves his room and townspeople who treat him like an outcast, Jeremy Johnson Johnson thinks his life can’t get any worse.  His only friend is a ghost who whispers inside his head, until a red-haired girl takes a shine to him and decides to shake up his world by inviting him to join her in pranking the town baker.  That nighttime visit to the baker’s house lands Jeremy in jail.  Then the townspeople really shun him, he loses his lawncare jobs and the bank demands payment for the loan on his house.  Ginger sticks by him, but does she like him for himself or is she just using him to make the mayor’s son jealous?  And that mysterious green smoke from the bakery’s chimney…what’s that all about?  To find out, check out Far Far Away and discover “…the strange and fateful tale of a boy, a girl, and a ghost.”

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  1. I loved this book. Its full action/adventure and suspense. It has a couple of really good twists, and a humorous ghost. What more could you want. Read it.

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