Pivot Point by Kasie West

pivotPivot Point by Kasie West

Addie lives with her parents on a secret compound of people with paranormal abilities. Her power is the ability to tell her own future by doing a “search” in her mind. When she needs to make a choice, Addie can see her two possible futures and feel like she’s actually living them, even though it only takes a few minutes in her real time. Then she can choose the path that she wants and actually live it.

When Addie’s father decides to leave the paranormal compound and live among normal people, she has to choose if she wants to leave with him or stay with her mother. She does a search and the book alternates between her two possible futures. Both choices have fun and romance for Addie, but there is also danger in her future. Addie’s actions have the potential to hurt the people around her, and her futures are spiraling out of control.

Pivot Point has a very interesting concept. Addie’s friends on the compound have abilities like memory erasing, matter manipulation and lie detecting, and I loved reading about how their abilities changed normal teen interactions. I did enjoy reading one future more than the other at first, but as the book progresses a dangerous mystery clouds Addie’s life no matter which path she chooses. I really liked the ending and was excited to find out that there is a sequel coming out in February 2014.