My Own Worst Frenemy

My Own Worst Frenemy by Kimberly Reid

Chanti’s mom is an undercover cop, which is the worst thing to be in their rough Denver neighborhood. Everybody hates a snitch and blowing her mom’s cover would mean endangering her life, so Chanti is good at keeping secrets. Chanti’s mom wants to keep her safe by sending her to a fancy private school instead of the local public school, but Chanti soon finds out that rich people definitely have their share of drama and danger.

As an outsider at her new school, Chanti feels like everyone is against her. Her strict new headmistress seems to hate the scholarship students and immediately targets Chanti. Snotty, popular Lissa and her equally mean brother make it clear that they don’t want Chanti around. Even her friends at home don’t understand what Chanti is going through, and she has no one to turn to when she is accused of a string of burglaries at her new school.

Chanti has to find out who is actually stealing stuff, and quick, before she is kicked out of school. As she gets closer to finding the real criminal, things get more dangerous. I loved this urban mystery book! Chanti is fun to read about and the mystery kept me guessing. Everyone seems to have a secret past, including Chanti, which really kept things interesting. I’m looking forward to reading more of this fun series by Kimberly Reid.