Mock the Movie Clueless

Mock the Movie Clueless edition

Wednesday September 10th 6:00 PM-7:30 PM The Edge. Watch Clueless and have fun making jokes about Cher, Dionee, Tai, and Josh. Bring your phone or other texting device and help us mock the movie together. Just text in your witty comments and they’ll show up on the screen as the movie plays.

Clueless is about Cher and her friends in a rich Beverly High School. When she receives a poor grade she plans to set her teacher up on a date to make him happier. After her success she takes a new student, Tai under her wing to make her popular while at the same time helps her get a boyfriend. Cher realizes that she wants a boyfriend too but in the end realizes that she needed a spiritual and emotional makeover.

Iggy Azalea even made her video to Fancy to spoof Clueless. So join us in all the fun to Mock the Movie Clueless. As If.