Make Real Plans To Do Something New

The new year isn’t all about resolutions. Let’s talk about your plans for the new year, not hopes or dreams, but actual plans.

Maybe you could learn sewing to create your own style, maybe learn to play the harmonica, maybe you just plan to make it through another semester without your GPA slipping. These are good plans (I guess depending on how you feel about the harmonica). However, to make these plans (or any plan) a reality it’s important to schedule it. Schedule a little time every day, every week, or whenever to actually work on your plan. Practice, study, share, do what it takes, if you don’t then it isn’t a plan it’s just wishful thinking.

I like a lot of the challenges that are often posted online. Read 12 books you’ve never read, listen to 52 albums you’ve never listened to, watch 52 movies you’ve never seen or something like that. Jump into an existing challenge or create your own. I’m going to challenge myself to play 52 board games this year.

So far in early January I’m at halfway through one book, I’ve watched one movie, listened to one new album (to rush this article), and played three games. Not bad progress, but it definitely means I ought to check out more! Make your own list in your library account to share your progress in whatever plan and/or challenge you set for yourself. (Making a list is easy – log into your library account using your library card number and your PIN, then select “Lists” in your account dropdown menu.) Comment on this post with the link if you like!

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Shelby Schellenger

I work as the Teen and Young Adult Librarian where I can put my wide range of experiences to use helping patrons find what it is they're looking for. I read Fantasy, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, Mythology, and more! I have gone backpacking, small-boat sailing, built a computer, worn a costume to an anime convention, and played all sorts of games.