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Just Like the Movies by Kelly FioreJust Like the Movies by Kelly Fiore

Track and field star Marijke Monti loves her boyfriend Tommy, a hot guitarist in a high school band. She loves him, but she doesn’t trust him, and that is tearing them apart. Their relationship is nothing like her parents’ marriage. They have been  high school sweethearts for the past twenty years.

(I Googled how to pronounce Marijke’s name a few pages before the author worked the pronunciation into the storyline. It’s Mah-ray-kuh.)

Honors student Lily Spencer is a super organized and productive volunteer, but she stays hidden behind the scenes and never gets credit. She’s secretly crushing on motocross star Joe, and secretly furious with her own mother’s absurdly romantic behavior.

After Marijke and Lily meet unhappily in a movie theater, they hatch a plan to make their own movie script endings. But true love doesn’t follow the scripts they try to borrow from popular movies and their happily ever afters are not guaranteed.

(Except, of course, they do get happily ever afters. Duh! What kind of romantic comedy book do you think I would be recommending?)

So, if you have seen all of the romantic comedies, and watched your favorite scenes until you have then memorized, and you have wished your own life would play out with a meet-cute and smouldering glances filled with  meaning and quirky misunderstandings and second chances, and you imagine your own grand, romantic, cinematic gestures then this is definintely the book for you!

From Say Anything and Drive Me Crazy to Titanic and When Harry Met Sally, this novel references dozens of movies and their iconic scenes. Luckily the library has a huge DVD collection so you can max out your library card and check out 6 classic romantic comedies for your own movie marathon!

While I’ve got your attention, I also recommend Kelli Fiore’s first book, Taste Test. It’s a fun romantic comedy about a reality show for teenage chefs.


Lissa Staley

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