Inspect Strategies to Use Music to Support Your Writing

Teen boy wearing an orange t-shirt and blue headphones

Hey Writers! Your teen librarian, Angie, checking in! What music influences your work? Do you assemble playlists to listen to while you write? If you do, are they general soundtracks to your story or are they character specific?

Several authors have referenced the impact and influence of music on their work. So you are in good company if you also find inspiration in music! When Stephanie Meyer was interviewed about writing the Twilight series, she revealed the band she referenced in the first book that her protagonist listened to was Linkin Park. Meyer said  she also listened to it while writing Twilight. Can you see their influence in the book?

A more recent example of the impact of music on writing is visible in Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite’s One of the Good Ones. In an author panel Maika discussed how the road trip aspect of the book made music an essential element of the story. The authors created playlists for their characters. I love when authors incorporate music I’m familiar with into a story. It’s another way to bring a reader closer to the story.

Send us an email at with the soundtracks to your writing! Create a playlist for a character profile – tell us who they are with the music they listen to.


What music inspires you? Have you heard a particular song and imagind the story you would write for it? Tell us about it! Comment below or send us an email at

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