If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

IfILie_cvrsm1If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

Quinn’s life in the close-knit military town of Sweethaven used to be pretty good. She was a cheerleader with close friends and was dating town golden boy, Carey. Now her world is falling apart and everyone thinks that she’s a traitor and a whore. She was caught on film kissing a boy who is not Carey while he was deployed in Afghanistan. The situation looks terrible and only she and Carey know the truth that she wasn’t actually cheating on him. If Quinn tells anyone what really happened that night, she’ll reveal Carey’s most dangerous secret and break her promise to him.

Then Carey goes missing in action and Quinn must deal with the pain of losing him on top of keeping the secret that has pushed her friends and family away from her. If I Lie is a very raw and emotional story. Quinn is an incredibly strong person and she definitely has a lot of stuff happen to her that tests her mettle. Jackson captures the difficulties of living in a small town and the pressure that military families face. Quinn volunteers at the local VA Medical Center and has a close friendship with a gruff, old resident named George. Their loving and sarcastic interactions were one of my favorite parts of the book and provide perspective on Quinn’s tough issues.

Reading If I Lie was a gut-wrenching experience, but I really enjoyed it. I definitely recommend this book to older teens and anyone interested in military life and the loyalty and honor that comes with it.