Free Comic Book Day

We are celebrating National Free Comic Book Day with Deon from Gatekeeper Hobbies, who will be on hand with a large supply of comic books to give away! So come to David J’s in Youth Services on Saturday, May 5th from 2-4 pm to get your free comic book. The free titles range from standards like Green Lantern and Spider-man, with others like Voltron Force and Mega Man, while some are for younger children like Peanuts and Yo Gabba Gabba!.


You will also enjoy comic book related crafts, like make your own superhero cape and superhero figure.

Currently, I’m trying to get Batman, the caped crusader himself to make an appearance, but it’s not going well. Let’s just say that he, like my friend Darth Vader, is not into parties. Here’s my brief interview with the Dark Knight.

Me: Thanks for coming to Topeka, Batman.

Batman: (shrugs) It’s a small town. Not very many tall buildings to leap from.

Me: And I’m sure the Batmobile really stands out in the Midwest.

Batman's current ride.


Batman: Actually, I drive a mini-car now.

Me: Batman in a mini? Why?

Batman: It’s better for the environment, I guess. I drove a Lamborghini for a while, but the police kept pulling me over. It was a real drag.


The one that got him into trouble.

At that point, I realized that Batman isn’t just a superhero; he has his own problems and is a regular person like the rest of us. I thought maybe we could be friends.

Me: May I call you Bruce?

Batman: What!? My identity-

Me: I’m Sorry- Mr. Wayne.

Batman: – is supossed to be a secret!

(For some reason, he reached for his utility belt)

Me: Oh, right, it’s a superhero thing. Don’t worry, I won’t call you Bruce Wayne anymore. Promise.

And then, in a puff of smoke, the angered crime fighter was gone.

Whether or not you come to Free Comic Book Day, I promise not to reveal your secret identity.