Football, Jane Austen, and High School

First and Then by Emma Mills

Devon Tennyson is content with her unrequited crush on her football playing best friend Cas forever. She is completely wrapped up in their friendship, re-reading Jane Austen novels, and she needs nothing else. Happily ever after. The End.

Unfortunately, to graduate high school, Devon needs one more gym class, and nothing could be worse than being the only senior in a class of underclassmen. Until her awkward cousin Foster, who has just moved in with her family, is added to the class. That’s worse.

And the biggest jerk on the football team, Ezra, strolls in seeking an easy elective credit for his own senior year. That is much worse.

And Foster and Ezra both disrupt Devon’s life in ways she never anticipated. Devon’s happily ever after isn’t at all what she expected. And maybe, for once, that isn’t the worst thing, after all.

The truly worse thing is this: First & Then is only one book, a mere 267 pages of delight. You’re going to want more.

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Emma Mills is a debut author but she’s well known to fans of YA author superstar John Green as a vlogger at How to Adult.

I’m glad I read the book before I watched her online videos because Emma has a hilarious perspective and enthusiastic personality that I won’t soon forget.

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