Dungeons & Dragons

Has anyone ever asked you: “Do you want to be a fighter, a wizard, or a cleric?” If you answered “no,” then it’s time to play Dungeons & Dragons, a game that allows you to act out those adventure-bursting, dragon-slaying fantasies we all harbor. But if you have a hard time selecting a character type, here’s a quick guide to help you.

Fighter: Clad in armor and carrying a sword or some other deadly, iron-forged weapon, the fighter is the first one to leap into action when danger appears.

Wizard: Unlike fighters, wizards prefer robes to armor and staffs to shields, but those staffs help them to cast spells that are sometimes more powerful than swords.

Cleric: Clerics participate in combat, but they aren’t nearly as threatening as fighters or wizards. Instead, the cleric is more of a healer, helping others after battle.


And our games will be for beginners. We’ll actually be playing a board game version of D&D.

So, if playing the role of an imaginary adventurer, rolling different kinds of dice, and using your imagination to complete a quest for glory and treasure appeals to you, then Dungeon & Dragons may be your game. If you’d like to join us on January 11th, from 7-8 pm in The Edge, call 580-4565, or go to The Edge or the Youth Services desk to sign up.

We’ll see you at the entrance to the dungeon.