Double Dueling: Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering

Bring your cards and pit your wits against other Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic players in tournaments for both games at the library. This program is in the Edge and takes place 4:00-6:00 pm on the first and third Monday of each month.  Check the schedule for dates.


Yu-Gi-Oh is a battle-based trading card game in which players draw cards from their respective decks and take turns playing cards onto “the field”. Each player uses a custom made deck. Learn how to play from the Yu-Gi-Oh official rules video. You can also check out books and movies about Yu-Gi-Oh dueling from the library.

Magic: the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering combines collectable cards with a strategy game. In the Magic game, you play the role of a planeswalker—a powerful wizard who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest. Your deck of cards represents all the weapons in your arsenal. It contains the spells you know and the creatures you can summon to fight for you. Learn how to play at the official website.