Design Leaf Friends

Take some time and go on a nature hike. The weather has been beautiful. While you’re hiking pick up a some leaves and bring them home. These leaves will become the base of a creative project. 

After you find your leaves dry them and press them under some heavy books. Keep them under the heavy books for at least 24 hours. After that time, they will be nice and flat and dry. 

Next find some Sharpie markers or paint pens. I really liked using the paint pens because they show up well on the dry leaves. 

Look at your leaves and think about designs to make your own leaf friends. You can design faces, animals or really anything you want. Have fun and be creative. Here are some of our fancier staff designs! 





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I work in the kids library with all ages, but especially with teens. I enjoy spending time with my two teenage kids and I love to cook for people. I also love animals and would have many more if I could. Ask me for recommendations of Young Adult realistic fiction - my favorite genre.