Design a Mirror Cake

Here’s my mirror cake.

Creativity comes in many forms. This week let’s express our creativity on a very different canvas. Instead of paper we’ll make art on a cake and instead of paint we’ll use frosting. Learn how to decorate a cake using the mirror glaze technique. As you can imagine, it’s called this because the glaze is smooth and reflective like a mirror. The outcome is amazing and each cake will become a work of art that may be too pretty to eat.

Here’s the Mirror Glaze Recipe.

Did you know you can check out cake pans from the library? We have 40 different pans. A lot of them are for kid’s cakes – maybe you want to bake for your little brother, sister or cousin. There are also more general pans like hearts, donuts and a graduation cap. Peruse your options. With some creativity these pans can make tons of different cake designs.

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