Create Pressed Botanical Art

Have you noticed how beautiful the outside world is lately? All the extra time spent inside has opened my eyes to the natural beauty outside. From the common sights of our backyard to the lush parks, nature is bursting with color and plants to admire. The longer I looked at the scenery outside my window, the more I wanted to bring it inside. So, that’s just what I did with this installment of Teen Art Club. 

Pressed botanical art is a simple, low-cost way to beautify your personal space. All you really need is a picture frame and the pressed plants to display in it. Take a walk outside and collect samples of flowers, foliage or small branches that can be pressed. Once you collect a sufficient amount for what you want to create, it’s time to press your plants. I used a notebook weighted down with books and let it sit for roughly one week. Once your flowers and foliage are flattened and dried, arrange them in whatever way appeals to your aesthetic preferences.  

You can watch the video below to see how mine turned out! 

Check out the reads below to see what other art nature can inspire you to make. The amazing work of artist Raku Inoue may also inspire you. He creates floral arrangements that look like beautiful bugs. Creativebug also has some fabulous classes using plant and flowers including one on making candle shades

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