Breakfast Champion Style

The smell of waffles drifted out of Lingo on Wednesday, September 19. Eighteen teens perfected their cooking skills by measuring, stirring and cooking various ingredients to make a tasty, nourishing breakfast. One teen found that because he didn’t follow the recipe his Orange Julius tasted funny. Lesson learned – follow the recipe!

Using a large griddle, several people were able to cook their omelet at the same time. The teens learned to crack an egg, whisk the egg and cook the egg until it was set. Cheese, onions and green peppers werre available to make the omelet unique. Lesson learned – you don’t need to smash the egg with a spatula to make it cook faster, it only makes a mess!



Making a waffle is easy. We used the ‘complete’ buttermilk pancake mix that only water had to be added. Some of the teens used a waffle iron for the first time. Lesson learned – adding the right amount of water is important. Too little water makes the waffle batter look like biscuit dough, too much water and the batter spills out of the waffle iron. Add butter and syrup to the waffle and it is a teen ‘hit’.


Making an easy and nutritious breakfast doesn’t have to take a lot of time. This waffle was made in minutes and there were no leftovers.