Book Review: Wrapped

Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury

Agnes Wilkins dreams of adventure beyond the boring society parties that take up most of her time.  She is a London debutante the year 1815, and everyone keeps reminding her that her role is to look pretty and attract a husband. When one of the parties features a real Egyptian mummy as a parlor amusement, Agnes finds an artifact in the wrapping that propels her into a dangerous mystery.  She secretly takes the artifact with her without realizing how important it is.  Someone (or something) wants the artifact back, and is willing to kill for it.  Agnes must determine who to trust- her sophisticated suitor Lord Showalter or the shabby but passionate museum worker Caedmon.

Wrapped is like a Jane Austen book mixed with a suspenseful mystery.  Agnes is an enjoyable heroine, who loves both wearing pretty dresses and using the fireplace to listen in on her father and his friends when they talk about politics.  She wants more than the structured life that is planned for her and has a wonderful time sneaking around trying to solve the mystery of the Egyptian artifact.  The plot is predictable at times, but Wrapped is a fun book with strong characters and an interesting mystery.