Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick

Perry’s parents force him to take Gobi, an unattractive Lithuanian exchange student, to prom. Perry wears a tuxedo, but Gobi is garbed in a baggy traditional costume from her home country that makes her look even more awkward than usual. Perry hadn’t even been planning on going to prom, preferring to concentrate on his college application essays because he is wait-listed at Columbia.

Further complicating the evening is a conflicting event — Perry’s band Inchworm has their first big show in the city, and his friends will never forgive him if he misses it.

As Perry ditches the prom and heads with Gobi into New York City in Perry’s father’s Jaguar, he is in for a series of surprises — Gobi suddenly starts acting differently, surprisingly confident, bossy even, after months of quiet complaisance. At her request, Perry stops at an exclusive club, and they both walk right in. Weird, but surprising. The biggest shocke is when Gobi disappears in her traditional dress, and returns stripped down to a tight-fitting outfit that makes her look almost unrecognizably sexy. Perry thinks he couldn’t be any more surprised by this night — but that is before Gobi turns out to be an assassin with an agenda of her own for Perry’s prom night.

The crazy adventure plot made this a fun, quick read. Each chapter begins with a college application essay question, which constantly reminds the reader that Perry’s priorities were very different before this night began. And even if Perry survives, his priorities may not…

Check out Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiberfor an action-packed NYC adventure — it’s available as a printed book  and a Book on CD from the YA Fiction section of the library and it’s also available as an ebook for checkout and download from

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