Alix LaPri Talks to Teens

Stop by and hear Alix a young singer originally from Topeka now showing her talents in Atlana. Friday, November 25, 12:00 pm in The Edge.

Alix was born November 6, 1996 in Topeka, KS. At the age of three, it was very noticeable that she took special interest in music. By age five, she began performing songs publicly, such as Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” In 2003, Alix entered Kansas City’s talent showcase, “Summer in the City,” as the only child performing, where she placed third overall. This accomplishment boosted her self confidence, making her aware of the special gift she had been blessed with.

Age nine brought about more achievements, as she won first place at Kansas’ Annual “Juneteenth” Talent Showcase. Subsequently, more notice was given her, including an invitation to sing at the Florida Junior Hockey State Championship. Alix has performed the National Anthem at several local sporting events. She has also performed at the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” fund raiser, and at weddings, churches, and many other venues as well. A write-up by a Kansas newspaper mentioned Alix specifically for her performances on Youtube, which gained mention by Nickelodeon. These achievements have motivated Alix to achieve her dream of becoming “recognized” nationwide.

In 2008 Alix Lapri’s family decided to make the move to Atlanta, GA. Moving to the big city was a big step for Alix and definitely came with its trials, but this musical prodigy has gained much attention as she demanded herself be known in the ATL. Her first accomplishment in Atlanta was the Spring 2009 Miss Atlanta Girl title. After 6 wks of modeling, acting, runway, and the finale show, Alix was chosen amongst several girls as the best they had. As a result from Alix Lapri’s victory with Atlanta Girl, she won a scholarship for a year of acting and modeling school. It was then that Alix realized that she loved to act just as much as she loved the mic and stage.

Presently active with both acting and singing, Alix Lapri is managed by J Pervis and Crown World Ent. You can catch her performing live all over Atlanta. You will never catch Alix pass up the opportunity to show out on the stage. Ms. Lapri just finished filming in BET’s newest sitcom “Reed Between the Lines” and also look out for her in your theatres playing “Tiwanda” in feature Film “The Goats” (projected to hit theatres in 2012). Alix Lapri w/ over 2 million youtube views, has been named “The next Beyonce” and although she has not accepted any record deals yet, the question is not if, but when as most labels are standing by awaiting this next big teen sensation.

Also gifted academically, Alix has received the Presidential Academic Award for having a Grade Point Average of above 3.5. Her aspirations are to “…be seen by the world, and make the world happy with my voice.”

Nancy is a former employee.