Mountain Quest 4: Create Your Own Adventure

We have been sharing stories and art with you all month, now it’s time for you to create your own adventure.

How will you tell your story?

Santa Rosa Range, Helen Hodge, oil on canvas, Gift of William P. Snyder 1978.015.001

  • Will you build it?
  • Will you act it out?
  • Will you draw it or make a piece of art?
  • Will you write song lyrics?
  • Will you dance it out?
There are unlimited ways to tell a story. We can’t wait to see what you created!

Story starters

Streamside, Robert Sudlow, oil on canvas, GIft of Horace W. Eubank 2005.028.002

Pick one of these story starters (or create your own) and tell us a story!

  • If you were a small creature, what adventure would you have in the forest/mountains. Do you make friends with the animals in a castle? Are there creatures that don’t want you in the forest?
  • You fell and damaged your primary tool/weapon. It is broken completely in the middle. Is this item still usable in its broken state? Is there another item you can use in its place? How will you adapt?
  • A troll promises you passage along the path in exchange for the magic you possess. If you do not agree, you will need to make a day’s journey around the forest and through the land of ogres and insurance salespeople. Will you make the trade? If not, what dangers might you face against the ogres?
If you want to take your story to a new level, look for inspiration in your home or neighborhood, there are unlimited adventures awaiting you!

Ideas of How to Create Your Story

8 page folded book
Troll in a Mountain Cave Puppet
Make your own Story Cube
Make your own Comic Book

Share your story

We can’t wait to see what you create! To share your story with the gallery email your finished creation to and we will share it on our exhibit webpage and social media.

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