City Quest 4: Create Your Own Fantasy

We have been sharing stories, art and adventure with you, now it’s time for you to create your own adventure.

How will you tell your story?

  • Will you act it out?

    Grain Elevators, Kansas City Kansas, Mary Huntoon, etching, TSCPL 1963.110

  • Will you draw it or make a piece of art?
  • Will you write song lyrics?
  • Will you dance it out?


There are unlimited ways to tell a story.

Story Starters

Intersecting Thoughts, Christopher Brennan, oil on canvas, TSCPL 2004.032

Pick one of these story starters (or create your own) and tell us a story!

  • An EF 8 earthquake hit the world. A giant chasm opened up in front of you. Where will you go? How will you get there? Do you see anybody around you?
  • A virus hit the world you’re in and you’ve lost one of your skills. Others have been affected as well. What do you do to save your world?
  • You’re walking down a path and fall through a worm hole. You wake up and are suddenly in a different time. Where are you? When are you? How do you get home?

If you want to take your story to a new level, look for inspiration in your home or neighborhood. Unlimited adventures are there for you to create.
Your story awaits.

Ideas to Create Your Story

One-Page Futuristic City Book
One-Page Futuristic City Book
Robot Puppet
Robot Puppet
Paper city templates
Paper City Templates
Comic Book pages
Comic Book

Share your story

We can’t wait to see what you created! To share your story with the gallery you can email your finished creation to and we will share it on our exhibit web page and social media.

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