City Quest 3: Build A City

Let’s build our own cities. Here are a few different ways to create your own city and play a special “explore your neighborhood” bingo game!

Chalk and LEGO City

This is a fun and easy way to build and play outside at the same time!


  • chalk
  • LEGOs (or blocks)
  • cars
  • a sidewalk or driveway

Step 1

Decide what your city will look like. Draw out your city roads. Are all your roads straight? Or do you have some twisting roads in your city?

Step 2

Now you need to build different types of buildings for your city. You might need some houses, tall buildings, long buildings, restaurants or any other types of buildings you want.

Step 3

Place your buildings in the city and see what great stories and adventures you can create!


Build Your Own Paper City

This idea came from the design firm Foster+Partners. This is a creatively simple way to make your own paper city.

Just download the 3 page template and you have many interesting shapes and houses to create and color.



Explore Your Neighborhood Bingo

Let’s get outside and play bingo!

Print off your City World Bingo Board and go explore your neighborhood.

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