Castle Quest 3: Save Sabatini Castle!

A mighty dragon is terrorizing the people of Sabatini Castle! They need your bravery and determination to vanquish the beast. Before you leave for your quest, it would be a good idea to brush up on your sword fighting skills.

Now that you’ve practiced your skills, you’ll need a sword of your own. A shield might be a good idea too. Follow these instructions to make a cardboard sword and shield.

If you prefer a more modern “sword” you can make a pool noodle lightsaber.

pool noodle saber supplies

Make a Pool Noodle Lightsaber


  • pool noodle
  • colorful duct tape
  • tape measure
  • pen
  • scissors


Step 1: Find and mark the middle of the
pool noodle.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut the pool noodle in half. You now have 2 lightsabers.

Step 3:

Use colorful duct tape to design your lightsabers hilt.

Start by covering the bottom of the cut side of the noodle with the duct tape.

Step 4:
Cover the noodle in 4 rows of duct tape, making an 8 inch high hilt.

Step 5:
You can use different colors of duct tape to decorate the hilt of your saber. Then you’re ready to go on a quest!

Brea Black is the Art Librarian and Book Arts Curator in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery. Her favorite thing is to share the wonderful world of artists' books with the community. She also leads the Arts & Crafts team and teaches workshops on book making and a variety of other crafty topics.