Stories & Crafts: Walter’s Wonderful Web

Welcome to Stories and Crafts for preschoolers. This week we’re reading stories about spiders and the amazing webs they spin.

Weave Your Own Wonderful Web

Walter the Spider isn’t the only one who can spin a wonderful web. In this exciting active learning experience, tie yarn around table legs and let your preschooler be the spider, weaving over, under and through. To increase their learning, add letters, numbers or shapes to the web for them to “catch” and identify.


  • Yarn
  • Plastic Spiders or Clothes Pins with a spider drawn on them
  • Small Pieces of Paper or Tape with letters, numbers or shapes written on them


  • Tie yarn to the legs of a table or chairs. Weave the yarn all around to make a web. Leave openings large enough for your child to climb in. What a perfect opportunity to talk about over, under and through!
  • Use tape to attach letters, numbers or shapes to plastic spiders or clothes pins (clothes pins are easy to attach and move around the web but plastic spiders, if available, will seem more real to your child)
  • Place your “spiders” all around the web.
  • Have your child crawl through the web, collecting the spiders – and the attached letters, numbers or shapes – as they go.
  • After collecting, look at what your child found. Say the letter names. Practice the sounds they make. Spell your child’s name with them. Count the numbers. Put them in order. Count forwards and backwards. Talk about shapes and where we see them in the world around us.
  • Put the spiders back on the web and go again!

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