Stories & Crafts: The Moon 2

Welcome to our digital Stories & Crafts for preschoolers. Today there is a heartwarming storytime by one of the library’s outreach storytellers, a song and a moon craft from a paper plate.

Make a Moon


  • 1 paper plate
  • yellow construction paper or plain paper
  • scissors
  • string, yarn or twine
  • crayons or markers
  • hole punch


  • Color the back side of the paper plate blue.
  • Draw a face on the moon. be sure to make the crescent’s shape slightly exaggerated so you can hang a star off the top point. Parent should help.
  • Outline the face with black and add eye and mouth.
  • Cut the plate (see example on right).
  • Cut the star out of yellow construction paper or plain paper and color with a yellow crayon or marker.
  • Punch one hole in the star and one hole in the moon at the top of the crescent. Attach the star to the moon using string, yarn or thread.

Things to Talk About  

  • Do you know a song about a star? Let’s sing it together.
  • When do you see the moon or stars?

 More Fun

I work in the Kids Library and I love picture books. I'm always looking through the newest books. Ask me for a recommendation! You can find me making book bundles for preschoolers, at storytime or in Building Readers: Wonderful 1s.