Stories & Crafts: Spotlight on Leo Lionni 1

Miss Rhonda shares one of her favorite books by Leo Lionni for this Stories & Crafts.

Torn Shape Collage


  • colored construction paper                                                                                                                 
  • glue – If your child REALLY likes to use glue, here’s an idea for making glue sponges.


Tear the colored pieces of paper and glue them onto another piece of paper. Tearing paper helps build hand strength (think writing or using scissors). This craft is all about the process and not the product. It doesn’t matter what the picture looks like. Focus more on the colors or shapes they are adding than what they are making.

Ask you child questions like, “where do you want to put the blue shape?” Or when they are finished ask, “what can you tell me about your picture?” Ask them to give a title to their artwork.

My two great nieces are the artists in the photos. They are 4 1/2 years old and 28 months respectively. They both really like glue as you can see. I poured some liquid glue in a cup, and the girls used cotton swabs to put the glue onto their papers.

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More Fun

Elmo & Abby introduce the concept of measurement and invite children to watch the videos that follow.

You can also try this fun measuring with tubes activity.

If you’re hungry make this Dirt Cup Gummy Worms dessert.

W is for Worm coloring page

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