Stories & Crafts: Sharing 2

Welcome to Stories & Crafts.  This digital program is geared for preschoolers and the theme this week is sharing.  Let’s see if bear can learn to share!

Make a Bear


  • brown paint or chocolate pudding
  • a fork
  • white paper
  • a glue stick
  • paper scraps or googly eyes


  1. Using the brown paint or pudding in a small puddle, lay the tines of the fork into the paint. Start in the center of the paper and work the tines up and down in a circle. It will help if a grownup will rotate the paper for the child to create the circle. Dip the tines in paint or pudding as needed until the circle is about eight inches round.
  2. Use a finger dipped in the paint or pudding to make the ears of the bear.
  3. While the paint is drying, your child can make a black nose and eyes from scrape paper. Add these pieces with glue when the paint is dry.

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